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Privacy Policy

Updated August 23, 2019


We value you your privacy and would never do anything to jeopardize that. We don’t put up with fraud and do everything in our capacity to prevent it, so should something look suspicious we will do our due diligence to get to the bottom of it which may mean reaching out to service providers.


What kind of personal information do we gather when you visit our site?


Personal information, including personally identifiable information, which you knowingly choose to disclose, and information that we automatically collect as you browse our Website.


Why do we collect it?

Personally identifiable information is necessary for purchases, returns, financing, credit card transactions, shipping, and delivery.


How do we collect it?

  •          Cookies on your computer - third party servers use to track your data and allow you to access the site. Cookies and browser storage help us provide you with a customized experience, you’re unique so your online experience should be too.
  •          Web Beacons aka “tracking pixels” - used to monitor the site so we can see how many visitors come to the site or specific pages.
  •          Reviews - We love hearing from you and value your feedback, we will collect the information from these communications and as such there maybe certain details that identify you based on what you shared in your comment.
  •          Emails - We love sending emails to keep you up to date about our deals and new products, we will also send you emails regarding your purchase so you know when we have received your order.

How do we use it?

  •          Personalize your site and shopping experience.
  •          Respond directly to you if you have a question.
  •          Send you information if you request it.



Want to learn more?

Feel free to click here for our entire Privacy Policy.